N/A – Conceptual
UX Design/ Visual Design/ Branding


Landing page design, High Fidelity Mockups, Interaction Animation, Iconography

This project was a visualization of a proposed location-based social media app where individuals could connect with others in and around their area by joining in public chat, meeting locals, and connecting with brand new people.

General Functionality Breakdown: Regional chat allows users to chat and connect with people in and around their city. Conversations appear on the map and grow and shrink based on user engagement through up and down voting. Local chat allows people to create postings about events and activities that users can engage with as part of their immediate surroundings. Like a location based forum. Users fall into one of 3 categories while using private chat on the app; unmet, acquaintance, and friends. Unmet users cannot message you, acquaintances can request private chats, and friends can freely message you.

An idea I wanted to address in the design was how to get users not only to communicate from home, but to get them to go out and engage with their surroundings. The platform would act as an easing mechanism to help reduce the emotional cost associated with encountering and connecting with new people.

When it comes to any location based applications concerns of privacy often arise. As part of the core functionality of the design I designed the primary interaction around the activation of the app; showing you clearly when you are and are not transmitting information about yourself unintentionally.

As part of the design I created a landing page for my Behance profile that could accompany the app for clearly advertising the functionality and value it provides to people in the form of tools to help connect with others. (see the full animated project on my Behance found in my contact section)