Wireframes, Style-Guide, High Fidelity Mock-ups, prototype, Redlines, Illustrations

PressHound - my small business client - approached me, interest in getting my help to producing a visual brand for their business and website. Along with this I was also tasked with creating assets, assembling the site using a bootstrap template that was provided, help to refine the logo shape by collaborating with Gavin Atherton, PressHound's COO to make sure their needs were being met.

The client provided me with a list of subjects they wanted to used to help to define their brand. Since the plugin being made by the client deals with highlighting bias within writing, theses subjects included things such as political propaganda posters and graffiti among other things. I used these to refine the designs aesthetics until the client felt it capture the essence of their brand.

As per the clients wishes, each of the elements crafted for the clients site attempted to capture piece of their primary references. While the project as a whole did not need to be exactly like the source material it was meant to have evocative elements that captured the subjects and themes related to the companies identity.

To help maintain consistency within the brand's voice, I established some simple brand guidelines that could carry them well into the future while keeping the same aesthetic and design with future content.

Helping to define the brands logo -while not originally part of what I was brought on for - ended up becoming one of my tasks. I assisted the COO, helping to refine the shape and layout of the design. The aim was to address a particular goal; create a shape that is unique and distinguishable at a small scale (14pt x 14pt) as the logo would be used as an extension activation trigger for their product. Meaning it needed to be recognizable at a glance.

The project took many turns over-time, each piece took several forms before reaching a final design. While some elements changed, in the end many them ended up finding a new home in the project; as in the case of the city of Seattle, the primary images design found a new home on the clients about us page.